Report special catches of sharks, skates and rays!

Through this page (capture form below) you can report catches of sharks, skates and rays.
Catchreports will be used for scientific research about the distribution and development of rare species of fish. 

Special catches will be rewarded!
A recapture of a tagged Starry smooth-hound is rewarded bij either 25 euro or Sharkatag t-shirts for the entire crew.

Male or female?

To determine the sex of your shark or ray you turn the fish upside-down. A male shark has two finger-like claspers between the pelvic fins. The claspers are absent on the females. To determine the gender of a ray you can also search for the two finger-like claspers between the pelvic fins.

Notice: It may take a while before the capture form down below is sent.
Pictures bigger than 4 MB won’t succeed anyway through this form. The best thing to do is sending the pictures to:

Features and condition of the fish

Location and time

GPS coordinates: Please give coordinates in this notation: 51°39'03.5"N 3°35'39.6"E or 51.650967, 3.594348
Location: e.g. 7km northwest off Port of Neeltje Jans

Fisherman and fishing gear