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Welcome on behalf of the chairman of Sportvisserij Nederland

Dear angling friends,

On behalf of Sportvisserij Nederland (Sport Fishing Netherlands), it gives us great pleasure to invite you to 31st World Championship Shore Angling YOUTH (U16) and 22nd World Championship JUNIORS (U21). These contests will be held along the magnificent coast of Zeeland in the Netherlands from 14 to 21 October 2023.

We are very honoured that C.I.P.S and FIPS/M have awarded these World Championships to the Netherlands, and that Zeeland has been given this opportunity and has been entrusted with the task of playing host to the best shore anglers in the world.

The Netherlands in general and the province of Zeeland in particular are characterised by an abundance of predominantly salt water, presenting boundless possibilities for shore anglers. Zeeland is a province with a rich cultural heritage in the field of shipping, leisure and recreational and sport fishing, and we are pleased to invite you to visit us and enjoy our facilities.

We hope that both World Championships will be sporting and competitive and will result in great cooperation and friendship among the contestants, volunteers and visitors.
We are sure that besides the sport fishing there will be plenty of time to establish valuable friendships.

We look forward seeing you. 

Marjan van Kampen
President, Sportvisserij Nederland (Dutch Angling Association)


The FIPS-M rules will be applied. It is downloadable on the website:
And the official statement shore angling: External Observers:

Method of fishing:

Fishing at the seaside: 20 meters will separate each fisherman in each sector. It is forbidden to enter the water above the knee. Fishing must be done on the dry part of the beach.

Accounting of catches:

The championship will take place in "catch and release" however all the catches will be counted. All fish will be measured and released. All Fish above 15 cm count (1 point per cm (rounded up) + 10 points per fish). Fish under 15 cm = 1 Bonus point

Fish species

Fish species present, the number of stars corresponds with the abundance of the species. One * means less present and ***** stands for frequently present.

'Fisherman's Friend: official partner World Championship Shore Angling YOUTH (U16) and JUNIORS (U21)

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