Legislation for inland fisheries

Fisfisheries) are considered in the Fisheries Act 1963. The most important legislation is described below.

Written Permission (Fishing Licence)

Every inland water angler requires written permission from the owner of the fishing rights to the water where he/she wishes to fish. In most cases, the holder of the fishing rights is a rod sports club or federation that has hired the rights for its members and makes them available by means of licences. Together the VISpas and accompanying List(s) of Fishing Waters form the licence that allows you to fish in waters states on the list(s).

Periodic Ban for Certain Types of Bait

From the 1st of April until the last Saturday in May, there is a ban on certain types of bait. In this period, it is not permitted to fish with: worms (or imitations), slaughter products, dead fish or a piece of fish (irrespective of size) and all types of artificial bait with the exception of artificial flies smaller than 2.5 cm. With regard to the IJsselmeer and the Markermeer, this ban begins on 16th of March and lasts until the 1st of July.
NB: a longer ban applies to a number of waters on this list. This is made known at the relevant federations and/or waters.

Periodic Ban for Certain Types of Fish

For a number of types of fish there is a periodical ban on fishing. If you catch such a fish in this period you must treat it with the utmost care and immediately return it to the same water undamaged.

  • Pike - 1 March until the last Saterday in May* 
  • Barbel, ide and chub - 1 April up to and including 31 May
  • Pike perch and perch - 1 April until the last Saterday in May*
  • Brook trout - 1 October up to and including 31 March
  • Sea trout, salmon, shad, fint, burbot, dace, nose carp, grayling, sea lampry and catfish - The entire year

* with regard to the IJsselmeer, this ban lasts until the 1st of June.

A longer ban applies to a number of waters on this list. This is made known at the relevant federations and/or waters.
Minimum Size for Certain Types of Fish If you catch a fish smaller than the minimum size for this type of fish, you must return it to the same water immediately.

  • Eel 28 cm
  • Rudd 15 cm
  • Perch 22 cm
  • Serpeling 15 cm
  • Barbel 30 cm
  • Sneep 30 cm
  • Beekridder 25 cm
  • Pike 45 cm
  • Flounder 20 cm
  • Pike perch 42 cm
  • Trout* 25 cm
  • Grayling 35 cm
  • Chub 30 cm
  • Ide 30 cm
  • Tench 30 cm

    * Char, brook trout or rainbow trout

Protected Fish

A number of fish types that may not be fished are included in the Flora en Fauna Act. It concerns the following types:
schneider, brook lamprey, stone loach, bitterling, minnow, houting, weatherfish, spined loach, bullhead,
lampern and sturgeon.

Taking Grass Carp

Due to its special function, grass carp must always be returned. This type of fish is introduced to curb excessive plant growth in the water.

Ban on the Use of Live Bait

It is forbidden to fish using vertebrate animals as bait (e.g. live fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds or mammals. Fishing with maggots, worms, mosquito larvae and such like is permitted.

Night Fishing

In general it is permitted to fish at night in most water, but you need most of the time an extra permission.

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