In 2016, a new event of Sharkatag will take place from the 13th untill the 16th of July. The 13th will be for special guests and from the 14th for sports fishermen. You can subscribe in May 2016 on our website.

Sharkatag is an event where sports fishermen can provide extra help for the scientific research of sharks skates and rays. The fishermen go offshore with their skippers to catch as many sharks as possible and to mark them with a special tag. It can also happen that there’s a recapture of earlier editions of ‘Sharkatag.’

By collecting and analyzing data, valuable information is obtained that can be used to gain an insight into the population, their behaviour or dissemination. These factors can be used to give these elasmobranchs a protected status.

Besides fishermen, also special guests will be invited to gain awareness. Guests such as, but not limited to: politicians, royals and environmental organizations. They will be provided with all the information that is available.


Sharkatag has the following conditions:

• It is not a game.
• All sharks will be released alive
• All fishermen follow the ‘guide of handling’.
• All skippers have taken a course of tagging sharks at IMARES

These are the participating charters.

More information?

dhr. Pieter Beelen
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