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Welcome on behalf of the chairman of Sportvisserij Nederland

Dear Angling Friends,

On behalf of Sportvisserij Nederland (Sport Fishing Netherlands), it gives us great pleasure to invite you to 28th European Championship Coarse Angling for Seniors. This championship will be held along the beautiful Pr. Margrietkanaal, Spannenburg in the Netherlands on 29th and 30th of June 2024.

We are very honoured that C.I.P.S and FIPSed have awarded this European Championship to the Netherlands, and that the province of Friesland has been given this opportunity and has been entrusted with the task of playing host to the best coarse anglers in Europe.

The Netherlands, and in particular the province of Friesland, are characterised by numerous lakes, canals and waterways where both recreational and competitive level sport fishing can be practised intensively. The province of Friesland also boasts an abundance of charming old cities and villages. We would like to invite you to visit these too during your stay, and to enjoy Friesland’s beauty.

We hope this 28th European Championship Coarse Angling for Seniors will be sporting and competitive and will result in great cooperation and friendship among the contestants, volunteers and visitors.
We are sure that besides the sport fishing there will be plenty of time to establish valuable friendships.

Marjan van Kampen
President, Sportvisserij Nederland (Royal Dutch Angling Association)

FIPSed Official Rules

FIPSed Rules are available and can be downloaded by: 

The fish species

Fish stock: Roach, carp, bream, perch and rudd
Fishing restrictions: Eel, pike, pike-perch smaller than 42 cm and larger than 70cm,
tench smaller than 25 cm.
Fishing Technique: Float

Maximum amount of groundbait and bait

Baits: 2.50 liters of baits, of which a maximum amount of 1 liter can be jokers. A maximum amount of 0.50 liter of earthworms is allowed in the total baits. Earthworms shall be presented entire (not-cut). Bloodworms are only meant for hooking and shall be presented in a “FIPSed official size” box. After the control, bloodworms meant for hooking can be used for groundbaiting.
Groundbaits: 20 liters groundbaits. Prepared (wet and sifted) groundbaits must be presented at the checks in graduated buckets. This amount includes earth, gravel, corn maize, wheat, hempseed, etc. and other additives that are not toxic for the fauna and the water.


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